GRYP Vice President – Job Description

Length of Term: 2 years

Goal of Vice President Position:

To engage the specific committee chairs to provide perspective and leadership and to aid the president in outreach to the greater Grand Rapids community.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Actively engage in monthly board meetings.
  • Attend at least (1) one committee meeting for each committee during the one year term.
  • Meet with each board member to gauge commitment for the upcoming year.
  • Provide support to the president in attending meetings, events and community outreach efforts.
  • Provide active feedback to the president from committees, chairs and the community as received.
  • Maintain and expand relationships with community partners of GRYP.
  • Actively participate in all aspects of the organization.
  • Attend at least 75% of all events, ensuring to balance time between all event types.
  • Serve as support for committee chairs.