Gather. Network. Grow. Get Involved

About Grand Rapids Young Professionals

GRYP hosts over 40 events each year. These include educational events with our personal growth breakfast series, company tours, panel events and luncheon speakers, networking events with our monthly Unwinds and Table for Six, and volunteer opportunities.


When GRYP was formed in 2004, Grand Rapids did not offer a group that provided young professionals from a variety of professions the opportunity to network, grow and become more involved in the community – with no membership fees. Seven young professionals recognized this need and how it related to retaining talented young professionals and thereby established GRYP.


Grand Rapids Young Professionals is dedicated to providing young professionals between the ages of 21-40 with the opportunity to interact professionally and socially with each other. GRYP is committed to professional development and contributing to the communities of Greater Grand Rapids both through volunteer opportunities and leadership roles. We will promote an environment that helps attract and retain the next generation of business leaders.


GRYP is committed to providing a casual atmosphere for young professionals to gather and network. We want to encourage relationship building between professionals who might not otherwise meet in standard professional circles and not force those who choose not to network while attending an event.

GRYP is committed to providing its members with the opportunity to grow professionally and advance in their careers through interactive programs, roundtables and panel discussions with local business leaders and government officials.

GRYP recognizes the opportunity for young professionals to become more involved in the community in several ways and is dedicated to identifying and facilitating those opportunities. As young professionals and leaders of the next generation, the members of GRYP provide a crucial voice in the community.